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Solar Heated Packages

Solar heating and cooking anywhere outdoors in an easy, safe and affordable way thanks to highly efficient and flexible solar heating layer integrated into the packages.  

Solar Heated Packages

Solar Heated Packages are packages with integrated solar heater. Their simple, but effective state of the art heating technology is based on very thin special layer on top of the packages. When the layer is exposed to the sunlight, the content of the package starts to heat up.

Packages can be pre-packed or packed by the user such as SolBag prototype in the video. 

Content can be food or non-food, and packages can be utilized by consumers, professionals, anyone who wants to heat up something.

Many factors influence cooking and heating temperatures and times, including time of year, time of day, intensity of sun and amount and type of content. Smaller quantities of food, food cut into small pieces, and flatter type of food cook and heat fastest.


Why use Solar Heated Packages?

Solar heated packages are ultra-lightweight, simple and easy to take and use anywhere outdoors. They are truly portable. The content will never burn and the packages can leave unattended for longer period of time.

The integrated solar heater technology in the packages absorbs 50% more heat than only a black surface.

There are no gas, charcoal, biomass, wood, propane, electricity or chemical processes needed – just the sunlight. Packages are safe and won’t get burning hot from outside, are smoke free and won’t create risk of fire or charcoal carcinogens. Nutrients are cooked into food instead of being boiled or steamed away.

Packages are simple and affordable. It is a low step to try using the packages and fall in love with their added value.

Packages can be used in areas where open flames are banned, for example in national parks and forests, beaches and high fire danger or drought areas. 


Our mission

We love solar energy! Our mission is to harness sunlight in a new and innovative way for heating and cooking, and complement the current solar oven and cooker solutions in the market.

Solar Heated Packages fit best in the situations, where safe, affordable and easy to use heating solutions are needed. Solar Heated Packages can be used everywhere without worries: in the park, on the beach, on the boat, even during skiing trip in a sunny winter day. Outdoor and sport people appreciate light-weight gear, that can be carried easily also after using. Compact packages are also suitable for disaster preparedness and relief.

We want people to enjoy the benefits of solar powered cooking and heating, and our goal is to create new products that bring new possibilities to enjoy outdoors.


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